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This was a qualitative study to understand the complexity of women s social media use when LwBBC <a href=>ivermectin for lice</a> 0059 In aspect 22, the present invention provides a method for preparing a medicament comprising a Taraxacum plant root extract for treatment or prevention of a cancer, the method comprising the steps of 1 freezing Taraxacum plant root to obtain a frozen plant root stock, said freezing step selected to effect at least partial disruption of one or more root cells, wherein said Taraxacum plant root comprises a dormant Taraxacum plant root harvested either prior to plant budding or blooming, or after cessation of bud growth; 2 dry grinding said frozen plant root stock to obtain a ground plant root powder with an average particle size of less than about 100 Ојm, and preferably less than about 50 Ојm, wherein during said dry grinding step the frozen root stock is maintained at a grinding temperature below about 40 C

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